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Implementing the Business
Tier with Session Beans
Most enterprise applications have a number of common requirements such as
transactions, security, scalability, and so forth. Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) allow
application developers to focus on implementing business logic, while not having to
worry about implementing these requirements. There are two types of EJBs: session
beans, and message driven beans. In this chapter we will be discussing session
beans, which greatly simplify server side business logic implementation. In the next
chapter we will discuss message driven beans, which allow us to easily implement
messaging functionality in our applications.
Previous versions of J2EE included Entity Beans as well. As of Java EE 5,
Entity Beans have been deprecated in favor of the Java Persistence API.
The following topics will be covered in this chapter:
Introduction to session beans
Creating a session bean with NetBeans
EJB transaction management
Implementing aspect-oriented programming with interceptors
EJB timer service
Generating session beans from JPA entities
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