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At this point, the application server is started (if it hadn't been started previously),
the application is deployed, and a browser window opens displaying the page.
Here we can see the link that was generated by the <h:commandLink> tag in our
JSP. Clicking on that link results in executing the populateList() method in the
RegistrationListController managed bean and navigating to the JSP containing
the <h:dataTable> tag.
Here we can see the table generated by <h:dataTable> , the headers ( Salutation ,
First Name , Last Name , and Age ) are generated by the <f:facet> tags inside each
<h:column> . While iterating through the collection of RegistrationBean objects
in the registrationBeanList property of the RegistrationListController
managed bean, each cell in each row displays the property corresponding to the
<c:outputText> tag inside each <c:column> tag in the table.
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