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Figure 3-2. strokeText setting outline properties
The text to render on the canvas.
The x position of the text on the canvas.
The y position of the text on the canvas.
The maximum width of the text as rendered on the canvas. At the time of this
writing, this property does not appear to be implemented in any browsers.
The next iteration of Text Arranger adds the ability for the user to select fillText ,
strokeText , or both . Selecting both will give the fillText text a black border (the
strokeText ). In the HTML <form> , we will add a <select> box with the id fillOr
Stroke , which will allow the user to make the selections:
Fill Or Stroke:
<select id = "fillOrStroke">
<option value = "fill">fill</option>
<option value = "stroke">stroke</option>
<option value = "both">both</option>
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