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context.fillStyle = "red";
context.fillRect(100,100 ,50,50);
Figure 2-18. A simple scaled square
If you test this code, you will find that scale works in a similar manner as rotation. We
did not translate the origin of the scale point to double the size of the square; rather,
we used the top-left corner of the canvas as the origin point. The result is that the red
square appears to move farther down and to the left. What we would like is for the red
square to remain in place and to scale from its center. We do this by translating to the
center of the square before we scale, and by drawing the square around this center point
(just as we did in Example 2-9 ). Example 2-11 produces the result shown in Figure 2-19 .
Example 2-11. Scale from the center point
function drawScreen() {
//now draw a red square
var x = 100;
var y = 100;
var width = 50;
var height = 50;
context.translate(x+.5*width, y+.5*height);
context.fillStyle = "red";
context.fillRect(-.5*width,-.5*height , width, height);
Figure 2-19. Scale from the center point
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