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The install package includes the server software, client APIs, documentation, and sam-
ple applications. Once you have installed the server software, you should have a folder
named something like “Electroserver_5_x_” on your computer. We used Mac OS X
for this test, so this folder was created inside the Mac Applications folder. On Windows,
it will be created in the location you specify upon installation.
Starting the server
Once you have the files installed, you need to start the ElectroServer socket server by
finding the installation directory and executing the file Start_ElectroServer_5_0_1 .
(Note: the three numbers at the end of this file will change as the version is upgraded,
but the concept will remain the same.)
When ElectroServer starts, you should see a screen similar to Figure 11-3 .
Figure 11-3. ElectroServer started
The server will run on your local machine for testing purposes. However, for any real-
world application, you will need to install a production version of the software on a
web server.
The ElectroServer admin tool
Because ElectroServer is a socket server, it listens on a specified port for communication
from the JavaScript client using one of the supported protocols. ElectroServer supports
multiple protocols, but we need to make sure we are using the BinaryHTTP protocol
for the JavaScript API. The default port for BinaryHTTP in ElectroServer is 8989.
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