HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
If you would like to explore mobile functionality further, we recommend the following
technologies, which can be combined with PhoneGap to create very powerful mobile
jQTouch ( ) is a framework that makes use of jQuery to
target mobile-device-specific features across platforms that use WebKit (iOS, Palm,
Nexus, etc.).
jQuery Mobile Framework
The jQuery Mobile Framework ( ) is another jQuery-based
mobile framework for building cross-platform applications. It can be used to create
a unified user interface across mobile platforms.
What's Next
As you can see, HTML5 Canvas is a powerful and easy way to target native apps across
a variety of mobile devices. In this chapter, we built a small game to run in the Safari
browser, and then installed PhoneGap and modified the application to run on the
iPhone simulator using an Xcode project template. Once the simulation was successful,
we added in a device-specific accelerometer feature, and then provisioned a physical
device for testing. Finally, we were able to see our completed application running on
an actual iOS device.
In Chapter 11 , we will look at applying multiplayer capabilities to a canvas application
using ElectroServer, and we'll even take a small tour of 3D in Canvas.
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