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Figure 10-18. Setting the build target to a device
After all that, now it is time to click the “Build and Run” icon.
After a few seconds, the application will initialize and show up on the device like a
normal iOS application.
When running the app on a device, you will be able to click the buttons, hear the sounds,
and see the buttons change color. When you want to reset the card, give the device a
good shake to see the alert box with the current location offsets for the accelerometer.
Click the OK button, and the card will reset.
Beyond the Canvas
A nice set of tools and frameworks are available (with more emerging every day) that
can help transform the look and feel of HTML or an HTML5 application (not neces-
sarily just on Canvas) into an iPhone-like application. These can be used in conjunction
with a canvas app to provide a seamless iPhone look and feel for the user.
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