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Step 3: Generate a Certificate Signing Request
When asked by the Provisioning Assistant, input this ID value. You will next be asked
to “Generate a Certificate Signing Request”, which involves the Apple Keychain. Follow
all the on-screen dialogs carefully because this can be a confusing process. You will
need to open the Keychain Access application in the Applications Utilities folder on
your machine, and then follow the on-screen instructions from the Provisioning
Step 4: Locate saved Certificate Signing Request File
This will save a Certificate Signing Request File to your desktop. In the next step, the
Provisioning Assistant will need to find this file, so it is important to remember where
you save the request.
After you find the file, the assistant will ask you to name your profile. This will generate
a file that you must download and install on your Mac.
Step 5: Drag provisioning file into Xcode Organizer window
With the location of the downloaded file handy, plug in your device (if it isn't already
plugged in), and open up the Xcode Window Organizer once again. Simply drag
the .mobileProvision file into the Organizer window, and it will set up the profile in
Xcode automatically.
Step 6: Set up certificates with the Keychain
Next, you will be asked to download and install development certificates that match
this profile. Save the .cer file and double-click it to add it to the Keychain Access list.
You should now see both Public and Private keys paired together with your developer
account name inside the Keychain Access provisioning list.
Whew! That certainly was not simple, but the Provisioning Assistant is very easy to use
as long as you follow each step carefully. We are now ready to test the application on
a physical device.
Using Xcode to Target a Test Device
We will need to change the build profile to target the attached device rather than the
simulator. To do this, we simply change the drop-down in the upper left from Simulator
to Device, as shown in Figure 10-18 .
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