HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the iOS folder there will be an installer with a name similar to PhoneGapLibInstal-
ler.pkg . Open this to start the install process.
After the install, you will be given the latest install notes. It is important to read them
carefully as they give great information, including the latest tips for getting started with
PhoneGap. For example, after this installation, the notes read as follows:
To get started creating PhoneGap projects, launch Xcode, then under the File menu,
select “New Project…”.
Navigate to the section “User Templates”, select PhoneGap, then in the right pane, select
“PhoneGap-based Application”.
Select the “Choose…” button, name your project and choose the location where you
want the new project to be.
That's it! Modify the contents of the “www” directory to add your HTML, CSS and
Go to your project folder and launch the “[projectname]-iPad” Xcode project. You will
need the 3.2 iPhone OS SDK.
In the next section, we will follow these directions closely to get BS Bingo into a
PhoneGap Xcode project.
Creating the BS Bingo PhoneGap Project in Xcode
To begin, launch Xcode and create a new PhoneGap project. See Figure 10-5 for an
example of the New Project screen.
Select the PhoneGap-based application and click the Choose button.
You will next be asked to save the project in a location and give it a name. We will use
the name chapter10_bs_bingo .
You will be presented with a screen that resembles Figure 10-6 .
On the lefthand side, you will find a folder called “www”. This is the most important
folder because it is where we will place all of the files for our game. Before we do that,
we need to make sure that the SDK is set to the correct version. In the top left, you
might see a drop-down with the words “Base SDK Missing” (as shown in Fig-
ure 10-6 ). This means that we will not be able to build and compile our game until we
choose an SDK.
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