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Figure 9-10. Micro Tank Maze in action
Game progression
Each time the player collects the goal object and wins the game, the next game will start
with one more enemy tank (up to 50 enemy tanks). The ultimate goal of the game is to
see how many times you (the player) can win before your tank is finally destroyed. The
game will keep a session-based high score, and even if you lose, you always start from
the last completed level.
This is a simple game, and much more can be added to it to enhance the gaming ex-
perience. In this chapter, though, we want to cover the basics of creating a tile-based
game on HTML5 Canvas. By combining what we have learned throughout this topic,
you should have enough skill and knowledge to extend this simple contest into a much
more robust game-play experience.
Game strategy
The player must try to reach the goal while avoiding the enemy tanks. The enemy will
follow or chase the player to a fault. Most of the time (75%), each enemy tank will
stupidly follow the player, even if that means moving into a wall and destroying itself.
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