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Saba Island
Saba has three different dive sites and a variety of shallow
and medium-depth coral reefs for exploration and photo-
Grain Wreck
An unmarked site where a 450-ft. steel cargo ship sank in
130 ft. of water. Restricted to expert divers, the wreck is in-
habited by snappers and jawfish.
Southeastern Dive Sites
Packet Rock
A submerged rock ledge on which the Warrick , a packet
ship, came to rest when it sank in 1816. You can find tiles
and other artifacts. Cartanser Senior , nearby, is another
popular wreck. This small cargo vessel sits in 50 ft. of water
and has very good visibility.
French Cap Cay
A rocky pinnacle in water with visibility up to 120 ft. It's in-
habited by eagle rays, barracuda and horse-eye jacks. One
gorgonian fans.
Cow & Calf
St. Thomas' #1 spot is a labyrinth of stone tunnels, giant
boulders and coral reefs inhabited by a vast assortment of
reef fish. Good for underwater photographers.
Northern Dive Sites (Atlantic Ocean)
Thatch Cay
Has three or four dive spots, but the best is the stone tunnel
at the island's western tip. An underwater passageway goes
right under the island, exiting on the opposite shore.
Nearby, the General Rogers wreck lies in 60 ft. of water. Its
hull is covered with invertebrates.
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