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On the East End of the island try Cowpet Auto Rental ,
775-7376, or E-Z Car Rental ,
Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals
Another way to explore the island is to rent a motorcycle or
scooter. Most are Hondas. They seat two people. Daily and
weekly rates. Unlimited mileage and a free tank of gas at
Biz Rentals - Havensight Mall,
(340) 774-5840.
Zip Rentals - Red Hook,
(340) 715-1501.
Discount Scooter Rental - Near Airport & at Elysian Re-
(340) 715-3190.
Driving Tips
Traffic keeps to the left, a carry-over from Danish rule. This
is confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it quickly. The
35-mph speed limit (20 in town) gives you time to think
about the traffic flow. Roads are all paved, but many are rut-
ted and potholed and the mountain range, which allows for
spectacular vistas, makes driving a rollercoaster affair.
Roads are not lit and children and adults walk and play
along them at night, so stick to daylight exploring.
With an eye to making St. Thomas more
driver-friendly, the powers that be have cre-
ated a logo to help visitors find their way
around the island. There are only a few main
roads, but they are not well signed. If you ask a
local for Route 32, you'll often be met by a
blank stare. So look for brightly colored “Tommy Starfish”
signs in the following colors at the side of the road. He marks
the most important routes.
Gold - From the airport, through Charlotte Amalie and
Havensight to Red Hook. (Routes 30 and 32).
Green - From Charlotte Amalie to Magens Bay (Route 32).
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