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Divi Carina Bay Casino , Turner Hole at Grapetree Beach,
South Shore Road, has live music in the comfortable lounge
several nights a week starting at 9 pm. Most often the beat is
(340) 773-9700.
Lobster Reef Café , La Vallee, North Shore Road, has live
music on Thurs and Fri from 6 pm to 9 pm. It draws a young,
lively crowd.
(340) 719-9044.
Two Plus Two , La Grande Princesse, North Shore Road,
has a DJ several nights a week and live music on weekend
nights. Dancing is a major lure here.
(340) 773-3710.
Lost Dog Pub , King Street, Frederiksted, has live music
several nights a week.
(340) 772-3526.
Sand Castle On The Beach , Beach Road near
Frederiksted, is a lively spot with a great location. The mu-
sic is live most nights.
(340) 772-1205.
Fort Christian Brew Pub , King's Alley, Christiansted,
handcrafts ales, specializes in Cajun food and has a guitar
soloist one day each week. Call to check the day.
Off The Wall Beach Bar and Restaurant , North Shore
Road, has a steel band several nights a week and a jazz or
blues group other nights.
(340) 778-4771.
Island House at Chenay Bay Resort, East End Road, has
steel bands and calypso and reggae music several nights a
(340) 773-2918.
West Indian Shows & Buffets
Spend one evening at a typical West Indian barbecue and
show. A steel band plays during dinner and for dancing. The
show consists of broken bottle dancing (where the hero
walks, jumps, dances and writhes atop a pile of broken whis-
key bottles), fire eating, and a limbo dance. Some include a
mocko jumbi troupe where performers dance on stilts.
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