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but nearby there are cottage resorts and some charming
inns and B&Bs.
The island's rugged north shore houses the lovely Carambo-
la Beach Resort, as well as several smaller resorts and con-
dominium complexes. The Buccaneer, a fine hotel spread
over 300 tropical acres and with an 18-hole golf course, is on
the island's east end. There are many coves, bays and islets
on this shore and several good dining spots. The island's
southern shore is virtually undeveloped, serene and stun-
ning. Home to the Divi Carina Bay Resort and its casino,
this coast is slated for condo development. Whether you
choose to stay in town or outside, a rental car will enhance
your experience.
With only a few exceptions, St. Croix's hotels are family-run
affairs and even the larger resorts have island management.
The owners and their children are always in attendance,
which gives you a homey feeling. While accommodations
vary in style and location, prices are anchored at the moder-
ate-to-expensive level. We found several small inns and
B&Bs that are inexpensive, particularly in the off-season.
Virtually all hotels are air-conditioned, but most retain ceil-
ing fans to catch those cooling trade winds. You might find
an energy surcharge on your bill each day for the
air-conditioner and TV. An 8% government tax is standard
on all hotels bills. High-season rates run 20-30% higher
than in low season, which runs from May 1 through
St. Croix is always short on water and signs will remind you
of that fact as you brush your teeth. It is unusual to find a
bathtub on the island. Even in the most elegant hotels,
showers are de rigueur .
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