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Wharfside Village
(340) 714-6169
Lunch, dinner
A family-friendly stop on Wharfside Village's lower-level pa-
tio. It has counter service and umbrella-covered tables. Look
for jerk chicken wraps, fish tacos, buffalo wings and salads.
Catch of the day, lobster and stir fry at night. Very informal.
Closed Mon.
West Indian Dining
King Street, near Lemon Tree Center
(340) 779-4404
Lunch, dinner
You can sample a few local dishes at the “fast food” spots be-
low, but for a wider range of traditional specialties and
sit-down service, head to Sogos. This small dining spot has a
dozen pink-topped tables and friendly owners. Alfred and
Veth Augusten came to St. John from neighboring Domi-
nica, bringing with them a variety of local favorites. West In-
dian restaurants typically use the freshest ingredients
available, so menus are changed daily. Some specialties fre-
quently featured are conch fritters and stew, spicy fried fish,
BBQ ribs and meatballs, curried chicken, goat stew and
braised lamb loin. Main dishes are accompanied by kalaloo,
Johnny cakes, rice and peas and fungi. Veth prepares the
desserts, many of which use local fruits. Closed Sun.
Fred's on King Street, a basic place to eat, is very popular
because it is inexpensive and has the best ribs on St. John.
The dozen tables are covered in plastic and there is no writ-
ten menu. Fresh local fish, goat and mutton are common at
dinner. Open 9 am-10 pm, except Sun. Very informal. No
credit cards.
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