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I enjoyed The Fabric Mall , with screen-printed cloth
framed to hang on the wall, Dutch batiks and soft sculptures
for a child's room or kitchen.
Donald Schnell is a talented potter. His wheel turns out
bowls, vases and candlesticks. You can watch him at work.
He expertly wraps his pieces so you can take them home
safely. Wicker, Wood and Shells is an uncommon souvenir
shop featuring gifts made with those materials and lots of
others as well. The Pattons , Mongoose's resident gold and
silversmiths, make avant-garde jewelry much like that
made in Greenwich Village years ago. Items here are more
expensive than the other shops, since their materials are
quite costly.
The Caravan Gallery is a unique shop that features ethnic
jewelry, works of art and tribal artifacts from many parts of
the world. Jewelry is particularly lovely in silver or brass or
beaded. Bamboula is another shop that stocks unusual
finds. Primitive carvings, baskets from Africa, clothing from
Indonesia and inexpensive jewelry are among the wares.
Hurricane Alley and Big Planet Outfitters sell
brand-name clothing, beachwear and accessories. Snorkel
gear too.
Recent additions include a “ Jewels ” shop that sells fine
watches and designer jewelry and the Kharma Boutique ,
which sells chic clothing and handbags. Popular too is the
Body Deli , where hand-made beauty products are prepared
from all-natural ingredients.
When your dogs begin to growl, drop into Sun Dog Café ,
where you can have coffee or tea and pastries on the terrace
or the Deli Grotto , which is a popular take-out sandwich
half-dozen tables too.
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