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Maho Bay
There are three distinct beach strips on this bay, which
fronts the Maho Bay Campground (see Best Places to Stay ).
If you'd like to try windsurfing (boardsailing), this is the best
spot on the island. Maho Bay Camp rents windsurfers and
novices can sign up for lessons. The road here is poorly
Francis Bay
Undeveloped and underutilized, Francis Bay has a lovely
beach and the snorkeling off Mary Point (eastern edge of
beach) is excellent since the reef is in pristine condition.
Many slaves jumped to their deaths from Mary Point. This is
one of the longest beaches on St. John and the trail winds
around a salt pond that is a natural habitat for many species
of birds. There are no changing facilities or lifeguards, but
there are picnic tables and bathrooms.
Leinster Bay
Mangrove-covered Leinster Bay, below the Annaberg Sugar
Mill, is a pebble beach where shells and coral are washed
ashore. It is not uncommon to see feral donkeys peeking
through the branches. Spectacular snorkeling is possible
near Watermelon Cay at the far end of the beach. There
are often starfish in the waters off the cay.
Haulover Bay
Rather than sail all the way around the East End of the is-
land, fishermen plying the rough seas at the island's north-
east end, “hauled their boats over” this narrow strip of land
to calmer Round Bay and into Coral Harbor - hence the
name. There is excellent snorkeling at Cobble Beach and
boardsurfing if the weather conditions are right.
South Shore Beaches
The southern shore of St. John is not as scenically beautiful
as the north, but it is visually more interesting. The beaches
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