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Trunk Bay
On an island with memorable beaches, Trunk Bay is the
loveliest. Part of the National Park, it has a marked under-
water snorkel trail which you can easily follow. This is a
Cinnamon Bay
The National Park Service maintains a campsite on this bay
which has a lovely beach. There is a commissary and restau-
Maho Bay
This unusual community of permanent tent campers is an
ecologically sound environment. Although it is within the
grounds of the National Park, it is privately run.
Annaberg Sugar Mill
A visit to this restored sugar mill explains a lot about the
economy of the island in colonial times. A pamphlet gives de-
tails about the site.
Coral Bay
On the island's drier eastern end, Coral Bay was the island's
original settlement. Only eight miles from Cruz Bay (along
Route 10), the trip takes 25 minutes due to the mountain
range. Once a laid-back sleepy town, Coral Bay is experienc-
ing a “boomlet.” There are new dining spots, new shops and
even some nightlife. All of them remain very casual.
Bordeaux Mountain
Bordeaux Mountain is the highest peak on St. John. It rises
to 1,277 feet where there is an overlook. The spectacular
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