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Grand Galleria (Tolbod Gade)
(340) 774-7900
The Grand Galleria, a historic building near Emancipation
Park that was once a hotel, is now a mini-mall. Recent reno-
vations have created attractive boutiques, an art gallery and
several restaurants. Lillian's is one of them. It has a small
dining room with only a dozen tables, but Lillian shares the
inner courtyard with other dining spots. Tables here are um-
brella-shaded. Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 9 am and
eggs; pancakes and cereal prevail.
Lillian makes the best “dumb bread” in town. It's a thick loaf
of freshly baked bread that has been filled with cheddar
cheese. It's served cut into triangles and delicious with bush
tea or coffee.
Lunch is when Lillian serves typical West Indian food and it
is outstanding. The menu changes daily, but you'll always
find local fish, conch, mutton, chicken and pork prepared in
a variety of ways. Main dishes are served with coconut
dumplings, plantains, Johnny cakes, rice and beans and
fungi. Desserts are special. Sample the banana fritters or
sweet potato pudding. Lunch 11 am-2:30 pm. No dinner.
Closed Sun.
Dining Near Red Hook & The East End
Most of St. Thomas' luxury beach resorts and deluxe villa
communities are on the island's East End along Route 38
(Smith Bay Road). Lots of restaurants and clubs have gravi-
tated there as well. The American Yacht Harbor complex at
Red Hook was another spark. Several restaurants are part
of the complex and others are in Red Hook Plaza across the
road. There are shops and boutiques in both as well. All the
restaurants here are casual. Many stay open late.
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