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Villa Rental Agencies
Several local companies specialize in renting villas that are
part of a complex with individual facilities or associated
with a hotel. Others act as rental agents for privately owned
villas and cottages. Among the most reliable agencies are:
Based on St. Croix, they manage rentals for The Anchorage
and Sapphire Village (noted previously). They are also
rental agents for Crystal Cove Villas, which are on Sapphire
Beach near the resort.
(800) 524-2025; www.antilles-
Calypso acts as rental agent for exclusive villas and beach-
front condos scattered over St. Thomas.
(800) 747-4858;
Marc and Marianne Blazar act as rental agents for their 13
units on Pineapple Beach (just outside the Grand Beach Re-
sort). Each villa has a studio suite and three additional
guest rooms to accommodate families.
(800) 382-2002;
They offer weekly rentals at the exclusive Ritz Carlton resi-
dences as well as over 150 private rental villas and homes.
(800) 537-6246;
Small Hotels & Guest Houses
The following smaller places are located in, above and
around Charlotte Amalie. Once again, they are not a homo-
geneous group. Some are within walking distance of the
commercial center, while others are rather isolated and a car
would be a big plus. A few have small swimming pools, while
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