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2 and throughout this topic, with few exceptions. Of course, our model makes provisions for
customizing the classes once deployed on the client platform, but it doesn't provide such a
There is currently a lot of work going on with mobile agents totally implemented in Java, and
the prospects seem quite promising for real-world, sophisticated applications.
To w erJ
TowerJ technology is an original approach that deserves a brief mention here. It is aimed at
back-end, high-performance servers that run Java code (J2EE mostly), in which the powerful
computing environment allows for more sophisticated technologies while still running usual
Java code when needed, or using specially-compiled native executables that permit high perfor-
mance on mission-critical servers. The main piece of the architecture, apart from the compiler
technology, is its special JRE environment, capable of running Java code in the so-called “mix-
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