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As we know from Chapter 2, these kinds of services belong to the AH Application Support
Phase shown in Figure 2.5. That is to say, Web Start works like an Application Container,
offering runtime support to applications beyond the automatic download and installation from
a Web site and related updates.
We will dedicate an important part of the topic to Web Start and the underlying JNLP technol-
ogy. Here, we will examine the Web Start software product (as of version 1.0) from an End-
User perspective, without taking care of the behind-the-scenes mechanisms involved.
In Figure 3.2, a commercial application is launched from a Web page. This begins the installa-
tion process. This is one case of the Installation Entry Point we mentioned in Figure 2.8, in
this case for applications launched with Web Start.
The installation entry point for an application deployed with Web Start.
Referring again to Figure 2.8, once launched, the download is clearly shown to the user. In
Figure 3.3, we see the dialog box showing the download progress during an application instal-
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