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Application Management
The Application Management Phase comprises operations performed by the AH while admin-
istrating the installed applications. Note that the application to be managed is not running. The
operations performed in this stage are basic operations offered by most AHs.
This stage is composed of two possible steps:
1. Application Update An application update begins, which can involve some AH-local
OS communication or some other special procedures. The installation or removal of
related resources is thought to be performed during the Resource Installation Phase.
After all necessary resources are managed, some extra operations are possible to con-
clude the update and are thought to be gathered here.
2. Application Uninstall This process is similar to the update procedure for beginning and
finishing extra operations that could be performed in this phase.
AH Management
The AH itself can be administered. The administration process organizes all the functions
related to AH management and is performed by the AH itself or other programs. This stage is
composed of three possible steps:
1. AH Update When the AH must update itself.
2. AH and Application Configuration A useful step for remotely administering Java appli-
cations installed through this AH becomes especially interesting for large organizations.
In this step, the AH configuration is performed; as with application configuration, both
processes can be run remotely from the DS or locally by the end-user.
3. Other AH Management Other AH administration operations are possible here. Indeed,
the AH could be thought of as very useful operating extensions into client platforms for
services other than deployment.
Finally, as a reference, the following table catalogs each step in terms of its inputs, outputs,
and a brief description.
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