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code, and some property file could be used, among other things. It is important to point
out that this phase could not take place in all cases, and the AH should be able to support
off-line mode as well. Then, in some cases, the AH itself could be very thin so that a
client-server connection could be established with very little client support. This case is
quite common in limited computational environments, such as the downloading of a
piece of code into a Java-enabled embedded device.
2. Resolution This is a crucial conceptual phase in the model. It can be thought of as
deciding what to do, given the current situation and the given instruction.
Application Installation
This phase is in charge of installing the application to be launched on the client platform for
the first time. Usually, the AHs are platform-specific, so they know where to place things,
whether to create shortcuts on the desktop if in Windows, or whether to create launching
scripts. It is composed of three successive steps:
1. Application Distribution Again, a distribution step; the application is delivered as
another resource from the DS to the client platform.
Application Installation Customization.
Application Physical Installation.
JRE Preparation During AH Application Support
The AH initializes the correct JRE (version and edition are given by the Deployment Policies)
with the proper related parameters (for instance, the maximum heap size, the classpath, or the
application's parameters). The result of this step is the launch of the proper JRE configured for
the Application Execution step.
Application Execution
The application is finally ready to be executed in the prepared JRE environment. When
required, the AH could perform one of the two operations (Resource Installation and AH On-
The-Run Management) in the AH Application Support Phase.
Resources Installation During AH Application Support
The application is running, and the AH is working to support it. It is composed of two succes-
sive steps:
1. Resources Distribution It works like other distribution phases. After a preliminary con-
nection back to the Deployment Server, the resources to be transmitted to the client are
resolved. Then, the file transfer begins using the given protocol.
2. Resources Physical Installation Once the resources are actually on the client platform,
they are installed automatically by the AH.
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