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L ISTING D.12 Continued
<vendor>Mauro Inc.</vendor>
<homepage href=”home.html”/>
<description>Tests the utility library,
running effectively in both modes!</description>
<j2se version=”1.3+”/>
<jar href=”test.jar”/>
<jar href=”utiljnlp1_0.jar”/>
<property name=”title” value=”JNLP-Launched test” />
<application-desc main-class=””/>
Such a JNLP file uses two JAR files, one for the test class itself and another one for the utility
library. Note that both files need to be signed because the example class requests unrestricted
access on the client computer. The test.jar file includes the application code plus the support
properties files needed by the application, in this case two files only ( , which
essentially supplies the property value as of line 19 in Listing D.12 to standalone applications;
and for locale-dependent strings).
The utiljnlp1_0 JAR file (provided in the example pack for this appendix with all other files)
contains the utility library that needs not to be modified or repackaged any more, and could be
organized in a component library for providing standard “standalone” support to already
installed applications.
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