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This library provides the following services:
• It allows applications to be launched seamlessly via a JNLP Client (like Java Web Start,
for example) or as a standalone application.
• It permits an easier testing and a simpler development of the application. Developers
don't have to package everything and deploy it every time they need to test even a little
detail of their applications.
•Providing the source code, developers can modify the implementation for handling par-
ticular cases.
In particular, the present version of this library supports the following:
• Persistence services are supported, hence, even standalone application can use them con-
sistently like JNLP-launched applications.
•File-related services are supported, with the exception of random access files.
•Clipboard and printing services are also supported.
The DownloadService is only partially supported, but cannot practically be used (that is,
installer applications cannot be tested effectively).
All the code here is supposed to provide a basic implementation of JNLP 1.0 runtime services,
and it is not meant to substitute the JNLP Client execution environment in a full-fledged
operative scenario.
The current implementation is provided in the following sections. Check the Companion Web
site for this topic or the author's Web site ( ) for updates to the
code provided here.
The GeneralUtilities class is reported in Listing D.1.
It uses the following files (but it can operate even without any of them):
•JNLP property file used to supply the same properties set by the launching JNLP file
when the application is run standalone.
• Locale-specific message bundles that are automatically loaded at initialization.
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