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Other examples of a complete management solution include InstallShield's NetInstall suite
( ) or Microsoft's System Management Server (SMS, available
at ).
Academic and Open-Source Initiatives
There are many interesting deployment frameworks. We will cite just a few. Although we don't
have the space to discuss them in detail, the interested reader may follow the provided refer-
Such languages and tools provide, at various levels, the ability to model the hardware, soft-
ware, and (often) documentation data together with the relationships between them. Here, we
present only two of them.
• PCL is a configuration language for describing the architecture of multiple versions of
computer-based systems. It can describe the following concepts: sets of versions for a
single (hardware/software/documentation) component, version descriptors, building tool
descriptors, classification definitions (used to define classification terms among sets of
component versions), relation definitions among sets of component versions and other
entities, and attribute type definitions.
Further information material is available via anonymous ftp: .
• The Software Dock architecture is a software deployment architecture supporting a great
number of the activities involved in software deployment. It is implemented using several
specialized agents. For more information, visit .
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