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In-Depth Information
We discussed Java-related deployment technologies throughout the topic. Here, we gather
some material loosely related to Java software deployment and other deployment-related ser-
vices and concepts. Particularly, we give references to some of the projects aimed at providing
languages for describing software systems' constraints, configurations and dependencies. Such
languages are needed in automatic software deployment, as we saw in Chapter 2, “An Abstract
Model for Deployment.”
The Open Software Description format is a standard proposed by Marimba and Microsoft to
the W3C consortium for automatic software distribution. For more details, the reader can look
at .
OSD is implemented with XML files. For describing the dependencies among software pack-
ages, the concept of directed graph is used. Nodes represent software packages, and arcs repre-
sent the dependencies among them. An OSD file can reference another OSD file (pointing to
its URL), creating large dependency graphs. OSD files can be used in HTML pages as well,
embedding an object or applet tag pointing to the OSD file in the Web page.
Also the Channel Definition Format (CDF) used for “push” Web channels technology takes
advantage of OSD files to describe software packages and their interrelationships.
DTMF Initiatives
The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
promoting systems management and interoperability. It is the source of many initiatives within
the software management industry. Here, we will mention briefly the CIM initiative. For more
information, the user can visit the DMTF Web site at: .
DTMF proposed a Conceptual Information Model (CIM) for describing management in an
implementation-independent way, so that management information can be exchanged between
different management systems and applications. Management systems include Microsoft's
SMS, Compaq's Insite Manager, HP's OpenView, Tivoli's Management Software, and so on.
Also important is the Management Information Format (MIF) initiative that we will not
describe here.
Other Deployment Technologies
The sheer number of commercial software deployment and management solutions makes it
impossible to provide even a shallow reference here. For an interesting but slightly outdated
look at other options, HP's white paper on the deployment of desktop and software manage-
ment and other related material one can be obtained at .
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