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resources Element
Describes a logical component of the resources needed by the application. It has six subele-
ments and three optional attributes:
os :The given resource can be used only if the os value matches the beginning of the Java System property string. To specify the space character in the string, use
'\ ' .
arch :The given resource can be used only if the arch value matches the beginning of the
os.arch Java System property string.
locale : Specifies the Locale for that resource. See the information element.
property Subelement
Specifies Java System properties. It has two mandatory attributes:
key :The key for that property.
value :The value associated with that key. It overwrites previously set values.
jar Subelement
The jar element specifies a JAR file to be loaded by the JNLP Client through its ClassLoader .
Attributes allowed for this element are as follows:
version : An optional attribute that uniquely identifies (together with the href attribute)
the JAR file. See the versioning section for details.
href :The URL (only the HTTP protocol is allowed) that points to the JAR file on the
server. This is a required attribute.
size : An optional attribute that specifies the size of the JAR file, measured in bytes.
download : Specifies when it must be loaded by the JNLP Client. It has two possible val-
ues: eager or lazy .
part : An optional attribute for grouping together resources. Parts are local to the JNLP
file. Specifications of this attribute also influence the downloading. All resources with the
same part attribute are downloaded together.
main :The JAR that contains the class to be launched through its main(..) method. Only
one main attribute can be used for a JNLP file. If no main attribute is specified, the first
jar element encountered in the JNLP file is used as the main JAR.
nativelib Subelement
Specifies a JAR file that contains native libraries. The loading is left to the launched applica-
tion (through the System.loadLibrary method). Attributes allowed for this element are as
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