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Allowed subelements are described in the following sections.
title Subelement
The title subelement specifies the name of the application to be launched.
vendor Subelement
The vendor subelement specifies the application's vendor.
homepage Subelement
The homepage subelement has only one attribute, href , which specifies the Web page where
end-users will find more information about the application.
icon Subelement
The icon subelement specifies the application's icon. There are five possible attributes, all
width : Specifies the image width in pixels.
height : Specifies the image height in pixels.
kind : Specifies the intended type of icon, among the following possible values: default ,
selected , disabled , rollover .
depth : Specifies the number of possible colors in that image.
size : Specifies the size of the icon file to be downloaded.
offline-allowed Subelement
The offline-allowed subelement specifies whether the application should be launched by the
JNLP Client, even when the client system is not connected to the network. If this element is
omitted, the application will not run in offline mode.
description Subelement
The description subelement gives a brief description of the application. It has one attribute
that can have one of the three values:
tooltip :The description string will be used as a tooltip by the JNLP Client and/or the
client OS.
short :The description string will be used for text descriptions longer than a single line.
one-line :The description string will be used for brief list-like descriptions.
For longer descriptions, it is better to use a Web page pointed to by the homepage element.
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