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Regarding JNLP technology, two technical limitations need to be explicitly mentioned:
•JNLP Clients can communicate with their deployment servers only through a Web con-
nection. No communication protocols other than HTTP are supported.
• Only J2SE applications can be deployed with JNLP.
When such requirements cannot be matched, other deployment solutions should be investi-
gated. In particular, when no Web connection (that is, the HTTP protocol) is available, only ad-
hoc deployment options (see the example in Chapter 6 or the whole Chapter 7) or some
third-party deployment tools are left. A careful use of the JNLP technology can reduce the end-
user burden to the minimum (the so-called “one-click” installations).
3. Implement the Planned Deployment Circuit
See Chapter 4 for more details. For JNLP-specific advice, Chapter 13, “A Complete Example,”
provides a recapping, practical discussion.
A Roadmap to the Source Code in This Topic
This section provides some useful classifications of the source code provided in this topic for
future reference. This section is intended as an alternative fast track to the code resources pro-
vided throughout this topic, which can be used as practical help.
The next subsection lists all the code examples provided in this topic, whereas the following
subsections classify such examples for an easier lookup.
Code Example Complete List
Table A.1 lists all the major code examples proposed in this topic, in order of appearance.
T ABLE A.1 . All Examples Provided in This Topic
MIDlet deployment
Additional deployment service for
Card test
JavaCard deployment
Complete deployment solution
with AH
CDROM Installer
CD-ROM installer
Installer applet
J2SE applet installer
deploylet suite
Complete deployment solution
without AH
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