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L ISTING 13.1 Continued
<jar href=”textuale.jar” part=”core” />
<jar href=”jlfgr-1_0.jar” part=”core” />
<jar href=”textuale-draw.jar” part=”draw” download=”lazy”/>
<package name=”com.marinilli.b2.c13.draw.*” part=”draw” />
<property name=”” value=”core;draw;etc”/>
<property name=”” value=”basic
functionalities;drawing add-on;—-”/>
<application-desc main-class=”com.marinilli.b2.c13.MainFrame” />
In Listing 13.1, we can see the resources defined for the application: the core module (part
core ”at lines 23-25) that is composed of two JAR files, and the “draw” part that can be
downloaded when needed. Note also the optional package element at line 26, which suggests
where to find the given classes to the JNLP file. The extension installer defined at lines 18-21
of Listing 13.1 is invoked for installing (and uninstalling) the application. The corresponding
JNLP file is reported in Listing 13.2.
L ISTING 13.2 The Application Installer Extension: the textuale-ext JNLP File
<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?>
<jnlp spec=”1.0+”
<title>Installing Textuale</title>
<vendor>Mauro's Workshop</vendor>
<icon href=”textuale-big.gif”/>
<j2se version=”1.3+” />
<jar href=”textuale-installer.jar” />
<installer-desc main-class=”com.marinilli.b2.c13.Installer” />
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