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Note that, besides the launching JNLP file ( anapp.jnlp) ,there is the anapp.jar JAR file con-
taining the following items:
•Two properties files, and, specifying
text for the two supported locales.
•Java classes needed to run the application.
•Eventually, the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF , necessary if the main class has not been speci-
fied in the JNLP file.
• Some graphic icons.
See Chapter 13 for more examples of use of the JNLP API.
In this chapter, we examined the runtime services offered by JNLP client to its applications.
The heart of these services lies within the javax.jnlp.ServiceManager class. In Chapter 12,
we will study how JNLP is supported by a remote server which acts as a deployment server, as
described in Chapter 2.
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