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For more details on code signing and certificates in general, you can visit certification authori-
ties Web sites for companies such as Cybertrust , VeriSign , Thawte, or others. Other useful
tools for signing and certificate operations are provided by Netscape, so visit their site at .
Finally, for details on the Sun's jarsigner tool, you can browse the documentation at
Auto-signed certificates are useful only for testing. They are not usable in commercial
applications, both because of their expiration time and because they are not released
by a certification authority.
In this chapter we discussed how developers can describe the client environment using the
JNLP deployment technology. We saw here three elements (with all their sub elements):
The next chapter will discuss another important set of features provided by JNLP Clients to
launched applications. This is the ability to invoke special runtime services not available for
usual, stand-alone applications.
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