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L ISTING 10.2 Continued
<title>Un Esempio di File JNLP</title>
<vendor>Il Lab. di Mauro</vendor>
<description>Benvenuti !</description>
<homepage href=”italian.html” />
<resources os=”Windows”>
<j2se version=”1.3.0” />
<jar href=”lazyeditor/lazyeditor.jar” download=”eager”/>
<jar href=”sec-test.jar” version=”1.0”/>
<jar href=”lazyeditor/draw-module.jar” download=”lazy”/>
<resources os=”Aix”>
<j2se version=”1.4+” />
<jar href=”lazyeditor/lazyeditor.jar” download=”eager”/>
Lazy download is not mandatory in the JNLP Client specification. That is, JNLP Clients
often happily ignore that suggestion and download all resources as eager .
Let's see a simple example of lazy resources management with JNLP technology. The launch
JNLP file is shown in Listing 10.3.
L ISTING 10.3 The lazyeditor.jnlp File
<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?>
<jnlp spec=”1.0+”
<title>A Lazy Editor</title>
<vendor>Mauro's Workshop</vendor>
<j2se version=”1.2+” />
<jar href=”lazyeditor.jar” />
<jar href=”draw-module.jar” download=”lazy”/>
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