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The vendor and title elements need to be specified in every JNLP file. As a conse-
quence, the information element also has to be specified for every JNLP file.
Otherwise, the JNLP Client will produce an error.
The following data can be specified in an information element.
• The locale the information element refers to
• The application title
• The name of the application's vendor
• The application home page
• The description element, which can consist of three different kinds: one-line, short, or
• The application icon
• Whether the application can run in offline mode or not
See Appendix B, “The JNLP Specification,” for all the details.
Icons, when not specified, are assumed to be 32x32 pixels with a color depth of 8 bits
(256 colors).
We have discussed the main rules of our game, but we still miss the counters and how they
move. In the JNLP game, pawns are represented by resources . As we know, JAR files, native
libraries, and system properties are described within the resources element; and are men-
tioned as application extensions (which we introduced in the previous chapter).
Taming Resources Management
Before diving into the JNLP resources sea of details, it could help to see things from a differ-
ent perspective. What is your need?
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