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L ISTING 8.6 Continued
Even in this first example, in which the home page is quite bare, the JNLP technology
demonstrates the potential for these services, and the application home page to
become a service portal, blurring the borders of traditional software applications.
These concepts are explained in further detail in Chapter 1, “Deploying Java,” and
Chapter 2, “An Abstract Model for Deployment,” which explains the transformation
of new-generation software towards more abstract services).
When you click the URL pointing to the editor1.jnlp file through a browser, the installed
JNLP Client displays its splash window, taking control of the launch process. In Figure 8.4, we
can see Java Web Start while downloading our editor. Note the icon we specified in the JNLP
file, at line 12 of Listing 8.4.
The JNLP download window during JAR transfer.
When the download is finished and the JVM is properly initialized, our application is executed
by invoking the main() method.
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