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L ISTING 7.4 Continued
# the application typical installation set of files
# the application full installation set of files
# the short description for each installation file
application-full-desc=core\ GUI\ component;advanced\
engine;additional\ extra\ module;power\ pack
# the application destination directory
Finally, an example of a native executable that will launch our CDLauncher application is sup-
plied in Listing 7.5. Such a batch file is only demonstrative, and could be invoked directly by
the user or by some platform-dependent auto-launching mechanism, such as the one provided
on Windows platforms by the autorun.inf file. Note that the path to the JVM executable is
platform-dependent ( \bin\java.exe on Windows platforms, for example). In this way, differ-
ent native executables could refer to different temporary JREs.
L ISTING 7.5 The launch-win.bat native batch file.
call tempjre\bin\java.exe -jar setup\launch.jar
File Settings
Our installer works thanks to a predefined file hierarchy on the CD-ROM. To run the exam-
ples, set your IDE preferences to make the “ cdrom-root ”directory the current working direc-
tory. This directory is supposed to be copied integrally on the CD-ROM in order for the
installer to work. Then, refer to such a directory contents for the standard locations of installa-
tion items.
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