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In the provided example pack for the CD-ROM installer package, the JRE installation
file and the whole tempjre directory content are omitted to save download time. In
order to run this example, be sure to put a JRE installation executable for Windows in
the “ cdrom-root\jre\win ” directory, such as “ j2re-1_3_1-win.exe “ from Sun (or
newer). You can download it from . Furthermore, a full-
blown JRE (for Windows) file hierarchy has to be copied into the “ cdrom-root\
tempjre ” directory. For simplicity, use the installed JRE you got from the previous
step, or another one you have already installed.
The InstallerDialog class is shown in Listing 7.2.
L ISTING 7.2 The InstallerDialog Class
package com.marinilli.b2.c7.launcher;
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
* Chapter 7 - the Installer-dependent abstract dialog.
* all installer sub-dialogs extends this one
* @author Mauro Marinilli
* @version 1.0
public abstract class InstallerDialog extends JDialog {
protected CDLauncher installer;
* Constructor
public InstallerDialog(CDLauncher inst, String title) {
super(inst, title , true);
installer = inst;
Point p = installer.getLocation();
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