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The progress dialog box shown to the user during the installation.
Finally an instruction text file is shown to the user.
As we will see in the next section, this is just the basic implementation of a CD-ROM installer
that can be customized in many ways.
The Code
The following code (like all the code given in the other examples) is available on the
Companion Web site for this topic.
For brevity, we will not show all the code here. Instead, we will focus on the
deployment aspects and on the overall class structure. The package is composed
of six classes:
CDLauncher .The main class that is invoked by the native launcher. This class handles the
whole installation process, eventually showing up other auxiliary dialogs to the user.
These JDialogs subclasses form the remaining of the package. (The CDLauncher class is
reported in Listing 7.1.)
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