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……Ad-Hoc Deployment Services
(On-The-Run Debugging)
………Advanced Deployment Services
……………JNLP 1.0 Deployment Services
………Additional JREs
………Automatic Updates
……“One shot” Deployment
The Deployment Design Box used for choosing a deployment service.
Note that we have inserted the wanted service name in the vertical axis, above the “Advanced
Deployment Services” (that is, those provided by advanced third-party deployment tools).
Given that this special service is not provided by any deployment tool on the market, we cate-
gorized it as an “Ad-Hoc Deployment Service.”
It is important to be aware of the chosen technology effect for clients. In fact, choosing a given
technology also has an impact on end users.
Choosing Deployment Means
After we decide which deployment services we want to employ for our application, we choose
the deployment technology that will implement those services. Figure 4.7 shows this graphi-
cally. We individuate the point A that corresponds to a precise deployment circuit.
Also note that the planned point in Figure 4.7 lies above the curve (introduced in Figure 4.3
and depicted in Figure 4.7, as well), meaning that our chosen deployment circuit must be
implemented in-house, specializing the set of deployment services provided by JNLP.
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