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……Ad-Hoc Deployment Services
………Advanced Deployment Services
……………JNLP 1.0 Deployment Services
………Additional JREs
………Automatic Updates
……“One shot” Deployment
The Deployment Design Box showing sets of deployment circuits.
In the shaded area above the dotted line, extra coding effort must be provided by developers in
order to obtain the related deployment services. For example, it is possible to provide a full-
fledged deployment circuit implementing some sophisticated deployment services with a Java
1.0.2 platform (point A in the diagram), but it really makes no practical sense given the amount
of work needed. It would be more sensible to switch to a newer Java environment such as Java
2 or, if that is not possible, to consider the purchase of a third-party deployment solution (point
Let's suppose we want to achieve the same level of services as A and B using the JNLP tech-
nology. Given that JNLP 1.0 doesn't provide such services (point C on the dotted line), we are
forced to implement them by ourselves. The work needed for implementing such services is
represented by the arrow W. Choosing this option (JNLP deployment technology plus some
coding and testing effort) bring us to point D. Which is the better alternative depends on the
cost of Java developers compared to the license fees of the chosen third-party technology, plus
the cost of devoting some internal staff to the study of the commercial tool.
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