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How to Find Your Ideal Engineering Job
Are you worried about job security or even looking for a job now? Are you considering a
change or looking for an opportunity to progress? Whatever your situation, you'll want to
give yourself the best possible chance to keep your existing job or get a better one. Money
isn't the whole story but it is important. Why not put yourself in a position to earn more, or
at least give yourself options? Likewise, why not aim for a role offering true job satisfaction
- don't you deserve it?
This crucial guide examines key themes necessary to beat the competition and land your
dream technical job. Themes covered include:
How to search for the right job for you—not any old job. By considering and answering
a short, targeted set of questions, it is possible to reflect and identify the type of role most
suited to you. This is based on your skills, aspirations, industry sector and just as importantly
what isn't right for you.
Organise and structured your job searching using a proven system that works. Target
a range of recommended sources - the best locations for job searching success. Develop the
determination and discipline to search for work, as though this is your job.
The Professional CV - Forget old assumptions and techniques that everybody else uses. In-
stead learn how to put together an exceptional CV, uniquely tailored to what manufacturers
and engineering firms specifically want.
Covering Letters - Often the poor relation to the CV, learn how to put together a knockout
covering letter that will not only make you stand head and shoulders above your competitors,
but will also leave the recruiter wanting to find out more, via your CV and interview.
The All-Important Interview! Crucial information to confidently prepare and succeed in
interviews for technical and engineering positions. Get organised, understand and prep for
the techniques routinely used by technical recruiters.
How to find your Ideal Engineering Job works because it's based on what employers want.
It is a no-nonsense manual written for practical application by technical people eager to find
fulfilling positions with engineering and manufacturing employers.
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