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Successfully Managing your Engineering Career
As an engineer, have you ever thought you should be getting paid more for what you know
and do? Do you feel like you should be making more headway with your career than you
have? Perhaps you feel your career has plateaued? Maybe you've wondered how others
seem to make greater and quicker progress. Alternatively, have you wanted to get organised
and get on for a while now, but just never seen to have enough time (or motivation, if you're
Do any of these points resonate in some way with you? OK, well don't you owe it to yourself
to be proactive and take control of your own career? This powerful, targeted guide enables
you to rapidly develop yourself as an engineer. Identify, plan, then go out and get the skills
and knowledge you need to be as competitive and employable as possible. Get the most in-
teresting, most rewarding and the best paid job you can - either at your current place or else-
where. Position yourself to take the next opportunity you get to advance your career.
Additionally, this information is ideal for planning and improving employee skill levels for
teams in small manufacturing businesses. Beat the skills shortage currently holding em-
ployers back, by linking skills gaps and employee development in a clever straightforward
plan. Identify and obtain the talent necessary for better business performance, improved pro-
ductivity and enhanced profitability. Crucially, retain your best staff by offering them a rich
range of options to develop their careers. Contents include:
• Where are you now? - How to quickly set career goals and work towards objectives
• How to get organised and get on - stop procrastinating!
• Professional development in your current role
• Preparing for the future - industry and markets
• Vocational training and apprenticeships
• Qualifications advice
• Professional engineering institutions
• Engineering publications and media
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