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Product Development Essentials
Ordinary engineers are crying out for easy to apply engineering product development ad-
vice. How do you take the mystique out of it, keep it simple and ready to implement? This
topic is aimed at those who intend to successfully develop new or existing products and get
them to market quickly.
The emphasis is on doing what the best businesses do to maximise the chances of success.
In addition, the goal is practical help and specific instructions for those, typically small man-
ufacturing businesses, who could really benefit from a helping hand to do 'product develop-
ment'. The focus is very much on results - developing high quality products quickly, to beat
competitors, increase profits and grow your business.
Engineering firms need to bring new products to market or develop existing ones, but often
do not know how to do this is in a structured efficient way that minimises risks to the organ-
isation. What they need is clear instructions, together with proven tips and techniques used
by the most successful technical businesses. In turn, these must be tailorable (to you), kept
simple and targeted specifically for small manufacturers. Key themes included are:
• Why engineering product development is commercially essential
• Developing a great NPD process, with simple to follow step-by-step stages
• Top tips used by the best performing manufacturers
• Practical budgeting and cost reduction considerations
• Significant benefits of product and industrial designers
• Intellectural Property, R&D and innovation - real world application
• Making it happen: product development action plan
Product Development Essentials distils the crucial information necessary to achieve success,
taking the black art out of engineering product development. It's a no-nonsense manual writ-
ten for practical application for engineers and manufacturers, who simply want to get the job
done, deliver and succeed.
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