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Finally, you may opt to undertake a more in-depth CAD system evaluation specific to the
explicit needs your business. This involves choosing an actual project - where 3D CAD
can demonstrate real value. Get a number of CAD vendors in, working with your design
engineers, answering detailed questions and solving real problems.
8. 3D CAD Implementation - Stage 1
Implementation of 3D CAD in your business can be broken down into a neat 9 point plan,
briefly covered below in two stages. The main sections earlier cover the plan in detail. Im-
portantly, remember to tailor the best bits most suited your business. Innovate and make
variations on the themes and ideas that best work for you.
Leadership and Senior Management Support
As mentioned earlier in this section, successful 3D CAD implementation needs strong
senior management commitment and support. Employees need to know this is an initiat-
ive backed from the top.
Organise and Plan how 3D CAD will fit into your development process
Carefully consider how specifically you see 3D CAD fitting into your business pro-
cesses. Identify which engineers would benefit from it and how they would use it. Con-
sider suppliers and others outside the business too.
Cultural Change: Get your Employees believing in the benefits of 3D CAD
Before the change takes place, get the message out there, explaining change is on its way.
Use noticeboards, meetings and presentations. Focus on the benefits people can expect.
Tailor the message for the audience, for example manufacturing advantages for produc-
tion staff. Request feedback and encourage people to ask questions.
Draw on CAD Supplier Expertise
Your CAD Vendor has an import role to play in implementing and embedding 3D CAD
culture within your business. Tap into their practical experience with numerous compan-
ies in a wide range of industries. They'll also be able to give you and your engineers'
practical help to overcome day-to-day issues.
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