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Firstly, 3D CAD is expensive, right? Not anymore! Entry level free downloads are avail-
able. Student additions and free 30 day trial versions exist. You can lease software by the
month. Limited functionality 3D CAD viewers can be downloaded and the cost of full li-
censes has also fallen.
Next, access to 3D CAD training is limited, right? Not really! Training is now very widely
available via multiple sources. YouTube and web-based tutorials are accessible by all.
Training from CAD vendors includes tutorials and can be classroom based or supplied at
your place of work. Local colleges and textbooks offer step-by-step training too.
Another perceived barrier is the belief simple products only need 2D CAD data. The prob-
lem is this ignores the advantages 3D CAD offers throughout the design and manufacturing
cycle and beyond. For example simple 2D sheet metal parts can be 3D modelled and the
data quickly and accurately used by CNC punches, without reprogramming.
Finally there persists a view in some businesses, where they have survived with 2D draw-
ings for years, so they don't need 3D CAD. The problem with this is past results are no
guarantee of future success. Once upon a time it was the most progressive manufacturers
who adopted these technologies. Now businesses are striving for competitive advantage
just to survive. In just about all industry sectors competition is becoming fiercer and this
is happening at an ever faster rate. Sticking your head in the sand frankly is not an option.
Countless businesses and indeed whole industry sectors simply are not there anymore, ba-
sically because they didn't modernise. Don't let your firm join that list.
6. Tailoring the Justification to Your Business: Quantify wherever Possible
When building the case for why your business should invest in 3D CAD software or al-
ternatively expand the number of CAD seats you use, you really want to be as credible
and convincing as possible. A big part of this is tailoring the justification to your business
situation, ensuing you quantify wherever possible. Start with your business's specific high
level objectives. Review the 'Senior Management Backing and Alignment to Business Ob-
jectives' section. Additionally look at the benefits listed in the 'Commercial and Productiv-
ity Advantages' section. To strengthen your case, demolish any argument as to why it isn't
for your company, by reviewing the 'Perceived Barriers - Why Small Manufacturers are
Reluctant to Adopt 3D CAD?' section and identifying reasons why it is definitely possible,
extremely desirable and ultimately a path many small manufacturers have already taken,
on the way to reaping significant benefits.
To add further substantial weight to your justification, consider recent products you have
developed or existing ones you have customised. Alternatively, think about manufacturing
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