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3D Printing Bureaus: Outsourcing for a Convenient Professional
Are you thinking of seeing what 3D Printing can do for your organisation, but not quite
ready to make the financial outlay yet? Alternatively, is the outsourcing route more suited to
the way you do business?
Well the good news is the 3D Printing industry is well served with a range of businesses that
have set themselves up as bureaus. The idea here is design engineers can send 3D CAD data
to these firms who then take care of all the printing issues. This has a number of distinct
benefits for the customer.
• This is a low cost way of obtaining cutting edge 3D Printed parts, without investing in
the hardware. Therefore you do not have to outlay for the upfront cost of the equipment,
it's maintenance or running costs.
• Bureaus offer a range of 3D Printing technologies and materials. As these all have
pros and cons, you can select the one that best meets your application.
• You do not have to invest in the skills or find the space to operate the equipment or store
the material. Additionally, some technologies like SLS require quite a lot of housekeep-
ing. When outsourcing to a bureau, you don't need to worry about any of this.
• Many bureaus offer model making and finishing services , as well as 3D Printing.
This enables you to obtain extremely impressive and realistic mock-ups and exhibition
pieces, which combine the techniques' exceptional quality finishes and aesthetics - ideal
for product launches.
• 3D Print Bureau employees possess a huge amount of experience and knowhow. Some
of them act as consultancies offering design support, advice and tips. Importantly they
can ensure the CAD files are ready to print, surfaces are watertight with no gaps, and the
model is in the best orientation for strength when printed.
• Most Bureaus pride themselves on good customer-service and ease of use. After all
they live or die on their reputation and repeat business.
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