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3D Printing Advantages: Inc Development Process Benefits &
Design Tips
• 3D Printing is quick compared to other conventional methods of prototyping and man-
ufacturing. Depending on the complexity and size of the component, most parts can go
from CAD model to finished parts, in minutes or hours.
• For prototyping purposes, typical prices are a fraction of the cost of conventional model
• 3D Printing means high quality prototyping is possible without having to learn or buy-
in a range of increasing rare and expensive conventional modelling skills.
Very complicated geometry and shapes can be printed, which couldn't be produced by
conventional manufacturing processes. For the design engineer, this means they are free
to design for the optimum ideal form, rather than having to compromise the design so it
fits conventional production methods. Plastic and metallic parts can be produced in this
• Related to the last point, multiple part assemblies can be printed in one go. Support
material is removed afterwards enabling parts to move and interact as designed.
• The very nature of additive manufacture means there is very little waste. Layers are
only printed where they are needed, to the exact shape you have designed. Minimum
waste makes this a low cost, sustainable production method.
• Small manufacturers have the option of bringing 3D printing in-house to enhance their
product development capability, or alternatively to conveniently outsource to bureaus
which typically have turnaround times measured in days. Both are relatively quick.
• A broad range of materials are now available for different 3D printing technologies.
Moreover, more materials are routinely becoming available. See the section below featur-
ing 3D Printing processes and their respective materials for more details.
Short production runs are available without investing in very expensive conventional
tooling, making it ideal for low volume production. 'Soft 3D Printed rubberised tooling'
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