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6. 3D CAD Implementation
OK, so let's get down to the business of 3D CAD implementation - what are the key con-
siderations? How do you roll it out and reap 3D CAD benefits for your business quickly and
conveniently? What do the best engineers and manufacturers do?
Well here are 9 implementation tips to make it happen:
1. Leadership and Senior Management Support
2. Organise and plan how 3D CAD will fit into your development process
3. Cultural Change: Get your employees believing in the benefits of 3D CAD
4. Draw on CAD Supplier Expertise
5. IT Preparation: Hardware, Networks and System Requirements
6. Comprehensive Training to Embed CAD Skills
7. Pilot Projects: Rapid Productivity Gains and Return on Investment
8. Rolling out CAD more broadly throughout the business
9. Implementation Review
These points will be reviewed in a bit more detail below. Following this the implementation
challenges commonly faced by engineering businesses are considered, together with recom-
mendations to overcome them.
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